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We provide quality car windshield repair and replacement in Mountain View and neighboring areas. Call us for a free estimate and let us repair your windshield in the shop or have us come to you with a mobile installation.

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cracked car windshield
cracked car windshield
Auto Glass repair services

Professional Windshield chip repair

If you have a chip in your windshield, don't worry! It's not the end of the world. In fact, there are many professional windshield chip repair services that can take care of it for you. Repairing a chip in your windshield is important to keep your car safe on the road. A small crack can quickly turn into a large one if it is not fixed, so don't wait until it's too late.

Here are some reasons why you should get any chips and cracks checked immediately.

When you have a crack in your windshield, not only does it compromise safety but it also obstructs the view which can make driving more difficult and dangerous. And this is just one of the reasons why cracks should be repaired at once.

So in order to prevent them from worsening over time or causing other problems down the road for drivers who already experienced this issue with their vehicle's mirror glass breaking off due to wear-and tear caused by accidents resulting from lack of visibility. In addition, Airbags rely heavily on structural integrity within each window’s outer layer - known as glazing material engineering (GME) during production.

Damaged windshields can be detrimental to your car's safety and well-being, so it is important that you care for them properly. A single crack or chip will worsen over time as the vehicle drives on bumpy roads with cold temperature fluctuations causing further impact which may lead to an irreparable break in some cases if left unattended.

This also applies when there are weather conditions like hail storms where loud noises create more stress for already weakened glass components resulting often devastating damages such has Intense Sunlight (UV) illumination leading us into wondering how these factors could affect our vision during driving hours.

Another reason to get the damages checked is that broken car glass can be a huge inconvenience for drivers and owners alike. Not only does it decrease market value, but also makes selling your vehicle more difficult because of how clients will perceive damage to an otherwise pristine interior or exterior surface on their vehicles.

Cracks in the windshield can let water and debris enter your car, which could cause bigger problems like rusting or more serious interior damage. This leads to an advanced repair needed for restoring the initial condition of the vehicle.

Growing cracks on the road can be scary. They may start out small and grow into larger ones that you cannot repair with your current level of knowledge, but there are things we could do to prevent them from happening in future. If you need your car repaired immediately, you can work with our mobile service for on-site repairs, or come in to the shop.

We can repair or replace your windshield, or door windows. We work with nearly all makes, and models, with services available in Mountain View. Contact us today for a free consultation and let's get your car back on track.

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Our Auto Glass Services

Windshield repair

We will always provide excellent windshield repair for your car, for all makes and models.

Windshield replacement

If your windshield is beyond minor repair, we can perform a full replacement that will make the windoe as good as new.

Chip repair

If you have a small chip, don't let it grow into a large crack. We can repair it and help you avoid a full replacement.

Rear windshield repair

Front and back windshields as well, for most makes and models.

Car window repair

From side windows, to rearview mirrors and even trimming, we can repair those as well.

Power window repair

If your window is having a hard time rolling up, we can replace your window regulator.

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