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The back windshield is just as important as the front. We're fully capable of repairing or replacing back windshields of all makes and models.

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Back Window Replacement

Most people know that it is important to ensure your front windshield is free of chips and damage, however what most people don’t realize is that you should take the same approach to your back window as well. If left unrepaired, damage can worsen resulting in the need for a full back window replacement.

Your front windshield and back window are essential large pieces of glass that serve to both protect the interior of your car and provide structural integrity to your vehicle. However, there is a very large difference between your front windshield and back window that makes a big difference when it comes to repairing or replacing the back window.

A back window includes not just glass, but small lines that are fine wires meant to heat up and defog or defrost your back window. The front windshield is defogged and defrosted through vents connected to your car’s air conditioning system. This results in extra steps to professionally and properly repair or install your back window.

A back window further differs from a front windshield in that it is made from tempered glass, which is designed to shatter into small pieces. A front windshield is made from laminated glass to prevent it from shattering at all.

It is much more likely that you will find yourself needing to repair or replace your front windshield, but there are several reasons why you may find yourself with damage to your back window:

- Rocks and debris that fly up off the road
- Backend crashes and accidents
- Storm damage
- Car burglaries
- Leaks around the perimeter
- Improper installation

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Our Windshield Replacement Process

Our auto glass technicians will inspect the damage to your back window and determine if it can be repaired or if a full replacement is necessary

If it is determined that a full replacement is needed, our professional technicians will remove the window and repair any damage to the surrounding surfaces that may interfere with a proper installation of a new window

A new piece of auto glass will be installed and properly aligned before being glued into place with the proper adhesive. The adhesive will need to properly cure in order to ensure the back window is held in place securely

In most cases, the auto technician will install a new back window wiring system for defrosting and defogging abilities. It is likely that the wiring system from your damage window has sustained damage itself and cannot be reused.

We also offer mobile window repair and replacement, so our team can come to you to have your car window repaired at your location. If your rear windshield is damaged, you can be confident in our auto glass team to properly evaluate the damage and correctly repair it or advise a full replacement.

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