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Windshield Repair Service in Cupertino, CA

Cupertino Windshield Repair is the leading car windshield repair and auto glass replacement company in Santa Clara County. We specialize in front or back window repair and replacement as well as power window repairs.

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Auto Glass Repair Service in the South Bay Area

Located in the South Bay Area of Silicon Valley, CA, we want to welcome you to Cupertino Windshield Repair. We are proud to provide professional car and auto windshield repair service in Santa Clara County and its neighboring cities such as San Jose, Campbell, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, Sunnyvale, and more.

We are a full-service auto glass windshield replacement company that provides high quality services at affordable prices. We also offer mobile service throughout the county, which means we are able to travel to your location, whether it be at home or work, and replace your windshield!

When you notice the first sign of a cracked windshield or window, reach out to us and get a free estimate for the repair services needed. We can get your windows replaced on any type of car or truck, sedan, SUV, luxury car, and even RV! When you start the conversation with us our friendly staff will be there every step during this process so you don't have to worry about anything.

Our windshield replacement company is committed to providing the best service possible. Even after finishing a job with us, and you need additional follow up services such as window tinting, we work with several trusted partners and we will be happy to connect you to them.

We want everyone who does business with us to know just how much work goes into ensuring 100% satisfaction. We value our customers’ trust, and that alone is what drives us to provide a great customer experience. At the end of the day, it is the culmination of all customer touch points that create a positive experience, not just the service itself.

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Car Windshield Chip Repair

Have you noticed a chip or crack in your windshield? This is something that happens to many drivers without realizing. From everyday city commuting and driving on the freeway, we cannot completely protect our vehicles from outside debris and objects on road.

It can often be overlooked, your car's windshield is one of the most important parts in protecting you against potentially life-threatening obstacles during a crash. A crack or dent on this window could mean trouble, as they will affect its integrity to some degree.

Leaving untreated cracks for long periods will cause them to grow larger because of heating and expansion related changes in outside temperature, moisture, and rain. Cold weather can also contribute, as dew is often formed. Serious threats like this do exist so make sure you don't take any chances.

When you're in need of any type of windshield repair, come to Cupertino Windshield Repair. We specialize in front and rear windshield repair, power windows, and sunroofs. Our trained technicians will assess the damage before recommending an appropriate course of action so that your safety standards are met while still meeting cost effectiveness too; it's what we do best.

If you have just a small chip in your windshield no larger than the size of a quarter, you most likely won’t need an entire replacement. If you’re unable to visit the shop, our mobile service makes makes it very convenient for you, as we well travel to you and repair on site!

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Car Windshield Replacement

Once a crack is larger than the size of a quarter, it can very quickly spread and grow in size. After we inspect your vehicle and we determine that you will need a replacement, you can have full confidence in us to replace your windshield. For every job, our  licensed technicians wear personal protective equipment so that they can handle glass safely and efficiently without risking injury or damage to your car or property.

In certain situations, such as if you've been in an accident or need to tow a car due to extensive damage, your windshield may be in too poor a condition that it will be deemed unsafe to drive. With your busy schedule, we understand that your car is very important to your ability to go about your everyday tasks. Our mobile repair service is simple. Just like driving into the shop, we’ll discuss your situation on the phone, and we’ll come service the car at your location. This way you will not have to wait around all day day without the ability to drive.

Once we're done replacing your windshield, it's a logical next step to think about installing a window tinting service, because this will protect your new windshield further, as well as prevent the inside of your car from getting too hot. When you need it, we'll gladly refer you to our trusted partners who can get this done.

Work with Cupertino Windshield Repair for professional, reliable service. In our years of industry experience, we have seen every type of car windshield problem, big or small, and we’re confident we can continue to deliver exceptional service to the drivers of Cupertino and Santa Clara County. Contact us now for a free estimate.

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Mobile Service Windshield Repair

Need us to come to you? We understand our customers have busy schedules and can't always find time to drive to the shop. This is why we offer mobile windshield repair—an effective and convenient service where we come on-site to your location to service your car.

Whether you are at home, work, or even a grocery store,, we'll schedule a time and place that works best for you so that you can continue going about your day. An on-site repair can be done within a few hours, and your car will need to sit for a little longer, so that the adhesives can cure properly.

We'll be sure to let you know how soon you will be able to drive your car, and answer any remaining questions. Call now and ask about our mobile service and schedule your appointment.

We provide all our customers with the highest quality glass repair

Our staff has over 10 years of experience and we use only the best materials, backed by a lifetime warranty. We'll make sure your windshield is as good as new!

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Windshield Repair FAQ

Have more questions?
How much does a repair or replacement cost?

The cost for repair depends on the year, make, and model of your vehicle, as newer cars can be more difficult, due to advanced electronics and technology embedded into the glass. With that said, accounting for parts and labor, average replacement costs are between $300–$600.

How long does the repair take?

The repair itself can be done within a few hours. However, in the event that we need to order auto glass from the car dealer, that will take a few days for the part to arrive.

What kind of cars can you repair?

We work with all kinds of cars, from entry level to premium luxury. We believe you get what you pay for and we pride ourselves in delivering expert, quality installations. By working with us, you can be confident your windshield will last for years to come, backed by a lifetime warranty.

How soon can I drive my car after the windshield is replaced

You should wait at least one hour after a windshield installation is complete. This leaves enough time for the adhesives to dry properly. Depending on the outside temperature and humidity however, it may take 24 hrs. and we'll always let you know when it's safe to drive.

Our Auto Glass Services

We have a full range of automobile windshield repair services. Whether you have a small crack that needs repair or a broken window to replace, our company can provide you with professional, dependable services. For supplemental services that pair well with auto glass, such as window tinting, we'll be happy to connect you to the right professional.

Call to learn about our services

Windshield repair

We will always provide excellent windshield repair for your car, for all makes and models.

Windshield replacement

If your windshield is beyond minor repair, we can perform a full replacement that will make the windoe as good as new.

Chip repair

If you have a small chip, don't let it grow into a large crack. We can repair it and help you avoid a full replacement.

Rear windshield repair

Front and back windshields as well, for most makes and models.

Car window repair

From side windows, to rearview mirrors and even trimming, we can repair those as well.

Power window repair

If your window is having a hard time rolling up, we can replace your window regulator.

The dangers of leaving untreated, cracked windshields

We know how dangerous it can become when you suffer from cracked windows, which could lead to the plastic inside the windshield to separate from the glass. When this happens, your ability to see out of your vehicle becomes impaired.

During inclement weather conditions such as rainstorms, wipers blades can become ineffective due to water droplets accumulating along side winds. The water droplets make their way through the crack in the glass and create what is known as “windshield ghosting.”

At this point, there is nothing you can do, as the windshield will start to appear cloudy, especially after heat from the sun and vibration from driving accelerates this process. If your car windshield progresses into this stage, call us immediately and we’ll replace it so you can be back on the road quickly and safely.